Emergency Care

Orthodontic Emergencies

True orthodontic emergencies are rare, but when they occur we are available to you.  If you notice a loose band, loose bracket, broken wire, poking wire or are in severe pain, call our office to schedule an appointment. For your convenience and the convenience of scheduled patients, it is not possible to handle emergencies on a walk-in basis. In the meantime, here are some helpful hints to remedy some of the problems you may encounter until our office can see you.

  • If a steel tie wire is irritating your mouth, cover it with wax or tuck it under the archwire with a blunt object like a pencil eraser or Q-tip.
  • If you notice a loose band or bracket, call Artful Orthodontics for an emergency appointment. 
  • A broken or poking archwire can often be bent in with a pencil eraser or cut with nail clippers. Call our office if you do not feel the problem has been resolved properly.
  • Watch the video above that explains how to handle an orthodontic emergency.

Dental Injuries 

Following a direct injury to your mouth or teeth,  contact your regular dentist and our office as soon as possible. Usually, an x-ray of the involved tooth or teeth is needed to determine the extent of the injury. If a tooth has been displaced, knocked out or fractured, it requires immediate treatment. If appliances are dislodged or displaced, we will need to repair, replace or adjust them as soon as possible, depending upon the extent of the injury.